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Shear and Seal Testing

01 Sep 2010


Customers are continuing to turn to Cansco for their Verification and Testing service needs.  Shear and Seal test projects have been completed for a number of major international Customers.  Shown here is the end result of a recent successful Shear and Seal test. 
Cansco standard Shear and Seal tests are conducted at zero well bore pressure, however Cansco now provides Shear and Seal test WITH well bore pressure.

Whilst BOP OEM provide shear capacity tables for their BOP shear configurations, verification of a particular rig's BOPE capability to Shear and Seal must include all of the actual rig's BOPE components, i.e. the BOP outfitted with shear capability, specific shear rams, BOP control unit and BOP hoses.  Cansco are increasingly involved in field verification of BOPShear and Seal testing.